this is real, this is me...

I've added a few people in the last couple of days so here's a mini introduction.

I'm Jess(ica), I'm 20 and the world's biggest dork. I have one sister, she's going to be 16 in July. We are so different that we are alike. She's my partner in crime and my enemy at the same time. My mom and dad are my heros, I love my family. I spend almost the same amount of time with them as my friends.

I'm currently going to community college, but my plans are to be back at the school I was at my freshman year by the Spring. I'm studying to be a 4th grade teacher. People ask why I wanna be a teacher, it's be cause I love the look a student gets when they don't understand something then all of a sudden do. It's a magical look.

Music is a passion. I love all types. Jonas Brothers (♥♥♥♥♥) to Flo Rida to All Time Low to Taylor Swift to Journey. I love all kinds of music.

Writing is another passion. I write fanfiction which can be found @ justalovebug.

My life is nothing normal and I would love for you to stick around and see just how cazy it is! :)

I'm just a girl who is trying to find her place in a world that's trying to hold her back...

Friends Cut

I did a friends cut. It was based on, who I comment and if they comment me. Or simply because you don't update. If I've cut you and you feel like you want to be added back, comment and let me know! If not everyone in the list could please remove me.

Please no hard feelings.

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